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  • Snældan

Snældan is a traditional wool producer and knitwear manufacturer

Snældan is a traditional wool producer and knitwear manufacturer, founded in 1949 and headed today by Carl Johan Olsen. Their gorgeous heritage yarns are still processed in their workshop by the shore of the fjord at Strendur in the Faroe Islands.

For four generations, Snældan has existed as a combined spinning mill and knitting factory. Today, it is the only spinning mill in operation in the Faroe Islands. Three generations of the same family still work together under the same roof, securing a continuation of know-how about both tradition and development. These strong bonds make the atmosphere quite unique.

In the factory, you will be able to experience how to spin in the old-fashioned way and feel history pass right through your fingers as you see, hear and smell how the oldest now-living craft in the Faroes is practised.

Snældan has two shops in the Faroe Islands, one in Strendur and the other is in Tórshavn.

If you would like to visit the spinning mill and knitting factory, please contact one of the tourist information offices in Runavík or Fuglafjørður.


18 Niels Finsens gøta, Thorshavn 100, Færøerne