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Sørvágur Village Museum

Sørvágur Village Museum is equipped with loads of historical artifacts and items as well as the museum owns about 10.000 old photographs.

Sørvágur Village Museum was established in 1963. In the first years, until 1980, Sørvágur Village Museum was at the attic of the local power station. The initiators of the village museum where.: Jóhan á Ørg, Arnhold Jacobsen, Dánjal Thomasen and Zacharias Petersen (Sakaris í Beiti).

The villages and islanders where supportive off the museum and donated a growing number of artifacts and historical items. Hence, Sørvágur village museum soon grew to become one of the biggest village museums in the country.

In June 2014 the Sørvágur Village Museum moved into their own up-to-date building, in the old bank house. Then the municipality and the national museum organization where finally able to provide the museum with a better location. Hence, the museum is now better guaranteed a safe future.

The village museum is equipped with historical artifacts and tools for: cliff-work, sheep-farming, fishery, pilot whale hunting, carpentry, forging, agriculture, farming, haymaking, peat digging, stonework, woolen clothing manufacture, knitting, sewing, sail making, housekeeping and much more. As well as the museum owns about 10.000 old photographs.

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Ovarivegur 23



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