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Tindhólmur - Islet

  • View from Gásadalur

Tindhólmur is an islet west of Vágar. The view of the small island is spectacular and rare.

Tindhólmur is an islet west of Vágar. The view of the small island is spectacular and rare. The scape of the island is unique due to the five peaks. These are named Ytsti, Arni, Lítli, Breiði, Bogdi which can be translated into: Farthest, Eagle, Small, Broad and Bent. The islet is uninhabited and has an area of 650,000 square meters. The highest point of Tindhólmur is 262 meters.

A definite must see while visiting the Faroes.

The Eagle of Tindhólmur Islet

Tindhólmur has a very gloomy legend attached to it:

Tindhólmur is now un inhabited, there is a reason for this. Legend has it that a local farmer named Rasmus used to live on the islet.

Rasmus was originally from Sørvágur, but he had so many disagreements with his fellow villagers, that they offered him their part of the land on Tindhómlur islet to get rid of him and make him move there.

Rasmus had a rich life on the islet. He had a lot of sheep, the outfield on the islet was overgrown, and there were a lot of birds and fish at his disposal on the islet.

But one day everything changed. A huge eagle came and took Rasmus’ two-year-old child and flew with it on the highest peak on the islet. The mother of the child hurried up on the peak but by then it was too late. The young of the eagle had already eaten the eyes of the child. This peak is called Ørnatindur that can be translated into “the peak of the Eagle”.

After that, Rasmus and his family moved away from Tindhólmur islet – and it has been uninhabited ever since.

On Tindhólmur islet it is still possible to see the remains of Rasmus’ residence and boathouse.