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V. U. Hammershaimb memorial Statue

  • V. U. Hammershaimb memorial, Sandavágur
  • V. U. Hammershaimb memorial, Sandavágur

Hammershaimb is the father of the Faroese written language.

Vencil Ulricus Hammershaimb, is well known and famous as the father of the Faroese written language. He was an educated Lutheran minister and is the son of the last Faroese leader of parlament, Jørgen Frantz Hammershaimb, before the Faroe Islands became a Danish administrative district in 1916.

V.U. Hammershaimb was, on top of being a minister, also a politician and a philologist. He established the Faroese written language, based on the Icelandic language, which like Faroese, derives from Old Norse

V.U. Hammershaimb is believed by many to be the direct reason for the survival of the Faroese language. in 1919, the 100th year of V. U. Hammersheimb, a memorial statue was built in his honor close to Løgmansgarðurin, his birth place.

In every nation we find people of such preeminent importance that summarizing their lives and their stupendous work presents us with the changes they effected for their native country. Such a man was Venceslaus Ulricus Hammershaimb (1819-1909). By virtue of his numerous linguistic, literary and cultural activities, Hammershaimb became by far the most important person in 19th century’s cultural life in the Faroes. (


10 Hammershaimbsvegur, Sandavágur 360, Færøerne



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