New visitors to the Faroe Islands quickly discover that sheep are an essential part of Faroese life. They make up a treasured part of our diet in dried, fermented or cooked form, where every part is valued and utilized. Shepherding is a popular and respected business and pastime which brings both CEOs and regular workers together on equal footing, joined together in the communal activities necessary for efficient sheep raising, sheering and slaughter.

The wool was formerly a very important good as were the woollen products exported from the Faroe Islands. Today we see a revival of the importance of wool and woollen products in the modern interpretation of the classical patterns. Knitting never went out of fashion in the Faroe Islands and most women knit and make up their own patterns or re-interpret traditional patterns.

Write your own story on these pages which have the iconic star knit-pattern, known from the Faroese sweater worn in the Danish TV-series ‘The Killing’