1. Prepare your own Faroese majestic dinner from scratch

Let you delegates prepare a majestic dinner with fresh Faroese langoustine and Faroese vegetables, which then will be appreciated in a cosy Faroese boathouse. Together with a local chef, the delegates will kill and cook their own langoustine, pick, slice and grill their own Faroese vegetables, and then set their own table. In this way, the foundation will be laid for one of the most memorable and delicious meals of their lives.

2. Picnic by the creek

Why not add local spice to your event by letting your delegates go for an outdoor lunch by a creek in the exceptional nature of the Faroe Islands. Lay a blanket on the green grass set along a small creek and gaze along the gorgeous green valleys and mountains. In other words, enjoy unrivalled nature while listening to water running through the creek and tasting Faroese food.

3. Ocean view cliff picnic

For breathtaking ocean views, the Faroese cliff nature is the place to sit and enjoy the sea breeze. Enjoy a picnic surrounded by steep cliffs, green valleys, birds and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Here the delegates will truly experience the exclusiveness of gazing out to the ocean from rugged diamonds of small islets, thrown as were they Gods last pieces of the puzzle Mother Earth.

4. Open-air dinner in the park

Let you delegates visit “Viðarlundin” or another of the rare tree parks around the Faroe Islands. Here they will get to enjoy a unique meal prepared from local Faroese produce, thoroughly picked out in order to give your delegates an unforgettable open-air dining experience.

5. Un-stress with locals

After meeting hours, you are invited to dine in a Faroese home in Velbastaður village. The food, the beer and the entertainment is locally produced, ensuring the lowest possible CO2 footprint for this event. Your host kindly asks you to leave your mobile phone in the hallway and to ignore the passing of time on your watch. What a treat! To unstress with locals can be a very rewarding experience when you manage to loosen up and devote yourself to the extraordinary moment of being. Consider this your challenge for your meeting in the Faroe Islands.

6. Fish the dish

Give your delegates an authentic experience and let them go boat fishing. Afterwards a local chef will assist them in preparing a dish from the catch along with local herbs and vegetables, all carefully picked from Faroese nature.

7. Master Chef

Competing for being Master Chef is always great fun. Who makes the best dishes instructed by celebrated local chefs is a fun activity, and of course the day will end with great food, not only prepared, but partially gathered by the delegates.

To add extra exclusivety to this event, you can rent your own islet for the day and hold the event there.

8. Tórshavn Street Food

Add some spice to your event with “Tórshavn Street Food”. Whether you are here for a meeting, incentive or conference, why not let the delegates try the unique taste of the Faroese cuisine mixed with other flavors of the world. Try fresh Faroese seafood, tender grilled lamb and baked potato, traditional fermented delicacies, local sushi, yummie tapas, or some mouth-watering Fish’n’Chips – all in a “street food” set-up.