Important Information: The Faroese Government has passed a new legislation on Sustainable Tourism (May, 2024), which will affect these mandatory fees. Please bear with us while we navigate this new legislative landscape and understand what this means for the information below. 

Several popular hiking routes in the Faroe Islands have implemented restrictions regarding access to the area and now require a mandatory payment for walking in that location. The conditions for each location vary, so please read carefully about each location and take action accordingly.



The renowned Kallur Lighthouse stands as one of the most well-known points of interest for visitors. Situated on the elongated and slender Kalsoy Island, the views afforded by this location are nothing short of extraordinary. Perched at the farthest northern point of the island, you'll find the charming lighthouse, its exterior adorned with a combination of white and red paint. Originating in 1927, the Kallur Lighthouse has steadily gained traction, becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. Tourists are required to pay a mandatory fee for this hike (does not include a guide) -  200 DKK for adults and 100 DKK for children (ages 13-17 years, ages under go for free). Credit cards are accepted at the site. The trail is open these hours of the week: 
Monday - Friday: 09 - 18.00  
Saturday: 09 - 17-00 
Sunday: 11 - 17.00 
See more on booking guided hikes at the bottom of this page.   


The hike along Leitisvatn/Sørvágsvatn out to Trælanípa and Bøsdalafossur waterfall is a favourite among visitors from abroad and locals – mostly because of the optical illusion that awaits at the end of the hike. The view of the lake hanging over the ocean is one of the most photographed images from the Faroe Islands.

The hike, which takes about 45 minutes to walk one way, is relatively easy and is located only a 5-minute drive from the country’s only airport.

Tourists are required to pay DKK450 per adult. Children aged seven to fourteen pay DKK150 and children aged six and younger can hike for free.

The fee includes a tour guide and an info brochure. A packed lunch can be ordered for an additional DKK100.

The start of the hike includes a small shed where visitors can purchase hot drinks, sweets, and traditional Faroese food. Toilet facilities are on site.

There are three guided hikes per day, starting at 9:00, 12:00, and 15:00, respectively.

If you wish to hike without a guide, the fee is DKK200 per person.

For more information and to book a hike, visit www.tralanipan.fo.


The hike up Villingardalsfjall from Viðareiði village costs DKK200 per person. This price is mandatory and does not include a guide.

If you wish to hike all the way to Enniberg, you must book a guide.

The DKK200 must be placed in the mailbox by the gate leading to the trail.


One of the most unique sights in the Faroe Islands is “Drangarnir”. Drangarnir is two sea stacks between Vágar and the islet Tindhólmur. The distinct names of Drangarnir are ‘Stóri Drangur’ and ‘Lítli Drangur’, which can be translated into Large and Small sea stacks.

There are guided tours to the sea stacks on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 11:00 from 1 April to 1 October.

The hike costs DKK600 per person and can only be done with a guide.

For more information and to book, visit www.hiking.fo.


The DKK100 per person hiking fee on Nólsoy is only for commercial trips, i.e. hikes organized by a business. Individuals wishing to hike may do so without paying the hiking fee. This hiking permit can be purchased by contacting Visit Nólsoy.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to a landslide in Mykines in October 2021, that crossed the path to the lighthouse, the path to the lighthouse is closed. There is a risk of more landslides in the area, therefore it is not safe to walk in the area at the moment. Hikes to other areas in Mykines are available.

The island of Mykines is one of the most beautiful places in the whole country. Its rich birdlife and awe-inspiring beauty have made it one of the most popular destinations for travellers.

Between 1 May and 31 August, each person travelling to Mykines with the ferry must pay DKK 500* (DKK 400 if you book online prior to arrival) per person in addition to the ferry ticket and must be accompanied by a guide whilst on the island

*Please note these prices apply to everyone over the age of 15 yrs.


It is recommended that you book a local guide. We recommend that you contact one of these local guides or incoming agencies for more information if you plan on visiting one of the above-listed places:

Visit Vagar

Go Local

Faroe Tours
Greengate Incoming
Guide to Faroe Islands
Heimdal Tours
Make Travel
Tora Tourist

To pay the tour fee, visit Hiking.fo

To book a ferry to Mykines, visit mykines.fo.


We have produced a ‘safe travel’ leaflet that provides important information about how to travel in the Faroe Islands. On the back page, you can fill out the information about where you plan on hiking and when you expect to return. Leave the leaflet under the windshield of your car or at your place of accommodation. That way someone can notify relevant authorities should you not have returned by the time you have stated. The leaflet can be downloaded or picked up at regional information centres, car hires, on the Smyril Line ferry, and at Vágar Airport, among other places.