Tú hevur ongar yndis enn

Her kanst tú savna íblástur, greinar, tiltøk og støð, sum tú hevur áhuga fyri.

Trýst á ikonið á síðurnar, so koma tær fram her.

Tínir yndis

Íblástur & Greinir

Tiltøk & Túrar



Leita Leitingarúrslit




Risin & Kellingin (Giant and the witch)

Once upon a time, an Icelandic chief witch sent a giant and his wife ...

Once upon a time, an Icelandic chief witch sent a giant and his wife, a witch, to the Faroe Islands to steal the islands and bring them back to Iceland. Off they went in the dusk and arrived in the north-westernmost part of the Faroe Islands. They decided to tie a rope around a mountain called Eiðiskollur, and pull the Faroe Islands towards Iceland.

They struggled and worked hard to get the rope in place. Their first attempt was unsuccessful because part of the mountain split. However, they were determined and worked all night to make it work.

Like all creatures of the night, the giant and the witch knew they had to hide before the sun came up, for fear of being turned into stone. This particular night, they were so pre-occupied with their task that they failed to notice the first beams of sunlight appearing on the dark horizon. Inevitably, they were turned into stone. Ever since, the giant and the witch have stood, staring westward, longing for their home country.

These stone stacks are located close to Eiði. Another good place to view them is from Tjørnuvík on the island of Streymoy.

Listen to an audio recording of the story of Risin & Kellingin, the Giant and the Witch, here.




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