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The island of Suðuroy

Just two hours from Torshavn is one of the most alluring islands in the country

Just two hours from Torshavn, Suðuroy is a place often overlooked by visitors short on time, and yet, it remains one of the most alluring islands in the archipelago.

Isolated in the south, Suðuroy bears the full brunt of the ferocious Atlantic weather; blustery winds, freak storms and raging swells are not uncommon.

Wild weather aside, with a sheer cliff line shaved along the island’s western face, you can expect dramatic views and hiking trails, while the eastern shore offers spectacular coastal drives as you hop from one seaside village to the next.

From the ferry dock at Tvøroyri, wind your way south toward the colourful gingerbread village of Sumba, the southernmost village in the Faroe Islands, and continue onwards to Akraberg Lighthouse overlooking the boundless Atlantic Ocean.

To return, skip the tunnel and take the snaking road over the pass. At the top, the near vertical scramble up Beinisvørð will reward you with unparalleled views across the majestic folds of the island, but prepare to be lashed by the wind as this exposed point gets battered by the full fury of the Atlantic.

In the north, you’ll find two of Suðuroy’s most impressive natural features, providing the perfect opportunity to set out on foot. Hvannhagi, a protected lake cradled below an impenetrable wall of rock, can be reached in around 2 hours from Tvøroyri and is an absolute highlight of the island. Over on the west coast, the rocky track behind Sandvik zigzags higher into the mountains toward the rugged cliff line and Ásmundarstakkur, a lonely, wave-battered sea stack best viewed from afar. These jagged sea cliffs are also a prime area for bird watching.

For more intrepid adventurers, the chiselled cliffs of Suðuroy’s west coast provide a worthy playground for further exploration - follow the cairns as you go.

With so much to see on Suðuroy, the island deserves at least two days, so be sure to catch the first ferry leaving Tórshavn in the morning and the final departure out of Tvøroyri the following day.
How to get to Suðuroy
Take the ferry from Tórshavn to Tvøroyri on the island of Suðuroy. The journey takes two hours. See the ferry timetable here.

See the map of Suðuroy here. Contact Visit Suðuroy for more information about what to see & do in Suðuroy.


Suðuroy, Faroe Islands