The Development Department at Visit Faroe Islands was created in 2018 with the mission to maintain the Faroe Islands as the unspoiled destination it is. Our destination is unspoiled and unbelievable, but it’s also fragile. We promote the Faroe Islands around the world, and it’s also our responsibility to protect the Faroese nature, enviroinment, and culture.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do – the environment, the residents, the culture. We also wish to create a stable and sustainable economic environment for our local tourism industry to thrive.

As part of the sustainable development of our destination, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands has become part of the Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Index, and we are also working towards a becoming a Green Tourism Organisation.


An important factor in making progress in the GDS Index and in working towards a greener future, has been the collaboration with the Municipality of Tórshavn. Their role in both the benchmarking process and (more importantly) their willingness to change and work towards a more sustainable Tórshavn, has an immesurable importance. Therefore we are happy to announce that we have Rannvá Arge, from the environmental department at the Municipality, on board our team!