Offered by: NAX

With a fast going boat out to the island of Hestur you will have the incentive of your life. Swimming through the small caves where you will get the amazing feeling of flying. Learning how to use the powers of nature to get up on the cliff, to the column Álvustakkur and the exceptional cliff nature.

Enjoy a nice picnic lunch on the cliffs. And jump into the ocean from various heights.

The amazing grotto concert will be your peak, when a fast going RIB boat takes you into a grotto where a concert is being held. No concerts will be the same because of natures participation. There may be so quiet that you can hear the birds participating, while other times the heavy beating of the waves spin in.

Professional instructors will guide you through the whole tour.


Visiting the Sct. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkjubø
Rib boat tour to the island of Hestur
Teambuilding activities in grottoes
Grotto concert
Accommodation in 4-star Hotel Føroyar
Meeting in the 5-star Nordic House
Dine at RÆST

Day 1 

Arrival at Vagar Airport and bus transfer to Hotel Føroyar in Tórshavn. Before check-in the group gets an introduction to Faroese history and culture at the National History Museum. Get Together party downtown at Fish House Barbara, that serves tapas courses in the cosy and historical part of Tórshavn.

Day 2

Visiting the cultural centre in Kirkjubøur and afterwards at high speed sailing into the grottoes for games and adventures all day long. In the evening, we will dine at RÆST. Visiting RÆST is a must, when you are talking of the Faroese cuisine and food culture. The innovative chefs at RÆST use ancient practices, drying, smoking and fermenting both fish and lamb. What a treat!

Day 3 

Departure day with brief sightseeing stops on the way to the airport.


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