To unstress with locals can be a very rewarding experience when you manage to loosen up and devote yourself to the extraordinary moment of being.

Ride from Tórshavn to the charming village of Velbastaður, where you will dine in Anna & Óli’s place. The food, the beer and the entertainment is locally produced, ensuring the lowest possible CO2 footprint for this event. Your host kindly asks you to leave your mobile phone in the hallway and to ignore the passing of time on your watch. What a treat!


Horseback riding
Dinner in a private home
Dinner at RÆST
4-star Hotel Føroyar

Day 1

After arriving to Vagar airport, shuttle will transfer you to 4-star Hotel Føroyar, situated on a hillside with stunning views of the capital city, Tórshavn, with nature right outside your bedroom window. Shortly after check-in the group will go horseback riding to neighbouring village Velbastaður, where you will visit the extraordinary couple Anna & Óli in their private home.

Day 2

You will be able to spend meeting hours in the capable hands of Meetovation trained staff at Hotel Føroyar, ensuring you the best involving meeting. After meeting hours, you will go downtown to explore the wonderful city of Tórshavn, go shopping, visiting cafés and seeing the quirky and picturesque little sights. In the evening you will taste the Faroe Islands in its own uniqueness with raw, dry and fermented tastes at the renowned restaurant RÆST.

Day 3

On the way to the airport we will have a few stops along the way, such as in Gásadalur, where we will stop at the scenic waterfall. Departure.


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