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We can’t run away from the fact that The Faroe Islands is located remotely in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, and it is impossible to get here, without taking a ferry or flight.


However, here are some responsible transport tips for you when travelling in the Faroe Islands, suggestions on sustainable accommodation and venues, and how to support local causes and culture.


#1 Public or Shared Airport Transport

Strandfaraship Landsins (SSL) is the national tranport service. Here you can find their schedule from the airport to Tórshavn.

It is also possible to take a shared shuttle from the airport directly to your hotel through the local taxi companies. You can find more information here.


#2 Free City Buses in Tórshavn

It might be tempting to choose the “easy” solution and grab the nearest cab when you are in a new city. However, in Tórshavn all city busses are completely free of charge for anyone to use. You can find the bus schedule here. It is also possible to find the routes on Google Map.


#3 Rent an Electric Car

If you really need to rent a car on your stay here, we are very excited to announce that you can now rent electric cars at 62°N Car Rental.

To find your closest charging station visit elbil.fo.


#4 Enjoy the City by Walking

Tórshavn is probably the most walkable capital city in the world. One of the perks with being small is that you can literally walk from one end the other in 60 minutes (… even uphill).


#5 Eco-Friendly Accommodation and Venues

You can find information on hotels and venues that are eco-certified or have a focus on sustainability here.


#6 Heimablídni (Home Dining)

One of the best culinary experiences you can have in the Faroe Islands is in the living room of locals. You’ll get a truly cultural experience with Faroese food, made from local produce where possible by Faroese people. They’ll tell you the stories and everything you need and wish to know about the Faroese culture, food, and way of living.


#7 The Best Drinking Water in the World

Bring your own reusable bottle for water! Fill the bottle with the world’s best tasting tap water wherever you are.


#8 Support Local Causes

In the Faroe Islands we have plenty of talented artists and designers. Visit Østrøm, Ullvøruhúsið, Guðrun & Guðrun, or Steinprent located in the city center in Tórshavn, or one of the local craft shops (in Faroese Heimavirki) found in many small villages around the islands.