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The Goldcrest

The smallest of the birds

Roaming the windy north

Slipping into village gardens


Resting on tiny branches

Like a winged silken dream

Unimpressive in size and colour

Grey-green back and light-grey base

And yet you are the King of the Birds

Unabashedly attested by white wing bars

And a brightly yellow crest

Crowning your head

Your kingly crown

So well deserved

Awarded to the bird

That flew highest into the sky

Unnoticed on the eagle’s back

Abiding the moment its wings grew weary

Seizing the moment, you leapt

Into the sky and flew even higher

The wisest of all, but cunning, too

When building a nest, you hang

A feather to hide the entrance

Shielding your young from danger

Bold and beautiful

The true King of the Birds

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