We greet you with

A regal reception

When you fandango

To our shores

With cheers and flags

Horns and balloons

A warm salute

To our proud and elegant friend

For you are our treasure

An oystercatcher

The envy of us all

You bring joy to our hearts

And the semblance of spring

Back from your winter holidays

While winter turned the lights off here

You recharged on warmer shores

So let the people have winter

Darkness and warm socks

Kings live on the sunny side

In spring you thaw old frozen toes

You open the hearts of maidens

With your chirpy tunes

We love your cheerful gait

And yet, your chivalrous heart

Holds no fear in attacking

The shameless birds of prey

Threatening to assault others

If only we were more like you

Oystercatcher – my friend of hope

Exemplary national bird