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The Puffin

And on his coffee break

God created

All manners of delicious stuff

The wetness of the water

The redness of the cherry

The cuddliness of the teddy

The charm of the freckle and

The warm, kiss-crazy thoughts

That make us fall in love.

And he created you

Lovely Lundi,

You charming chap

You are the loveable puffin

Captivating our hearts

With your colourful beak and your funny walk

With your cute eyes and your smart hood

And the brightly yellow feet

Like a ray of sun – you little charmer!

But we also see your fortitude

Digging your burrow deep in the ground

To keep your young warm and safe

We see your agile flight when you search for food

We feel your love when you visit your home

Loyally year after year

Steadfast and charming

The popular puffin

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