Public transport links you to every corner of the islands and offers a cost-effective alternative to renting a car. Public transit offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery while having a worry-free ride with an experienced driver. It often also allows for more time at each destination, giving you the chance to grab an extra cup of coffee or even a beer.

Embrace the blend of convenience and adventure by integrating public transportation with memorable hikes along historic village trails. Most buses allow you to bring a bicycle, providing a leisurely and eco-conscious way to explore the Faroe Islands. 


The Faroe Islands are connected by large blue buses that connect the airport, Tórshavn, and larger towns. Smaller buses and ferries are also available to explore lesser-traveled routes.

Discover the Faroe Islands quickly and affordably by using the public transportation system. With a multi-day travel card, you can enjoy bus and ferry travel (excluding Mykines) without worrying about individual fares. Consider purchasing DKK 500 for four days of uninterrupted exploration. Don't miss the chance to visit the historic village of Kirjubøur, conveniently accessible via the bus that travels around Tórshavn.


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Travel Map by Faroese Public Transport Company:


Check out the schedules provided below for inspiration and details on using public transportation to visit popular attractions.

Please note that all of these trips are intended as day excursions from Tórshavn.



The bus from Tórshavn stops at the harbour in Klaksvík. From there, you can take a ferry to Kalsoy. Once you arrive in Syðradalur, you can board bus 506 heading north to Trøllanes. At Trøllanes, you'll have time to hike to the lighthouse and back. After that, at 13:15, the bus will take you to Mikladalur. If you're hungry, you can eat at café Eðge (but note that it's closed on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays). Mikladalur is also home to the famous Seal Woman statue. The bus from Trøllanes leaves at 14:35 and stops in Mikladalur at 14:45. You'll arrive in Klaksvík at 15:30 and have an hour to explore the town before returning to Tórshavn.

Gásadalur waterfall (Múlafossur), sun and green nature in the Faroe Islands
To get to Gásadalur from Tórshavn, take bus 300 to Sørvágur, and then transfer to bus 350. The bus will take you to Gásadalur, but you can also get off before the tunnel and take a challenging hike to the village. Alternatively, you can drive straight to Gásadalur and hike in the opposite direction. Once you're done, take bus 350 back to Sørvágur and then board bus 300 to return to Tórshavn by 13:55.
If you have a bicycle, it's a good idea to bring it to Sørvágur. You can use it to explore the views and attractions along the road to Gásadalur. In Bøur, you can take a coffee break and enjoy the beach and the scenic view of the Tindhólmur islet.

Enjoy a two-hour journey to the south of the Faroe Islands with the ferry Smyril. Upon arrival, take bus 700 from the ferry terminal to Vágur. Vágur has shops, cafes, and nearby scenic cliffs. We recommend the 2.5-hour hike from Vágur to the village of Fámjin. In Fámjin, visit the church where the first Faroese flag is displayed. From here, bus 701 will take you back to the ferry terminal at 14:50. You'll have time to visit the nearby culture house SALT before Smyril departs from the ferry terminal.

Man walking on the beach in Tjørnuvík, Faroe Islands. Scenic view of the sea, waves & rocks. Taken by Manuela Palmberger

To travel to Oyrarbakki from Tórshavn, take bus 400 and alight at the stop after the bridge. From Oyrarbakki, you can take bus 200 to Gjógv or bus 201 to Tjørnuvík, but please note that the frequency of these buses is low. If you have a bike with you, you can cycle to Saksun or Tjørnuvík in approximately 50 minutes. You will then have time to explore and enjoy the many sights before returning to Oyrarbakki, where bus 400 will take you back to Tórshavn at either 14:15 or 15:55.



Helicopter travel is subsidized by the government so that locals can live on some of the archipelago’s more remote islands; hence, this form of transport is mainly reserved for residents. However, you can, during the peak seasons, find specific sightseeing tours arranged by Atlantic Airways. If you would like to book a standard ride, kindly note that the helicopter subsidy is a community project and as such, only one-way trips are available for tourists. You can make your booking two days prior to your departure. After your arrival at your destination, you can travel back either by ferry or bus, depending on your preference.