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Below is a selection of brochures that Visit Faroe Islands has published over the years. Some of them are no longer available in paper copies, but we have chosen to include them on the webpage as pdf’s which can be browsed through or downloaded.

The image brochure and the tourist guide can be obtained by contacting Visit Faroe Islands – see details below.

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By clicking on the picture, you can read the brochure online. You can also download the brochure by clicking on the link underneath the picture of the brochure.


You can order a paper version of selected brochures by sending an email to [email protected] The brochure will normally be shipped within a few working days.

Tourist Guide 2021

The tourist guide contains all the practical information you may need for exploring the Faroe Islands.

Click here to view and download the tourist guide online. (Also available in German).

Hiking in the Faroe Islands

Fresh air, wind in your hair, tall mountains, sunny valleys, fascinating fog, beautiful lakes, grazing sheep and breathtaking views. These are some of the things you will experience while hiking in the Faroese mountains.

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Click here and browse through our brochure “Hiking in the Faroe Islands” which provides suggested hiking tours and practical information related to hiking and walking.
Click here to download the Hiking in the Faroe Islands brochure.


Birds of the Faroe Islands

Read and also download a PDF version of this brochure. We recommend downloading the brochure as it is handy to bring along if you plan on bird-watching in the Faroe Islands.

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Click here to read the brochure online.
Click here to download our Birds of the Faroe Islands brochure.


Image Brochure

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Click here to browse through our image brochure “Take a deep breath” online.
Click here to download the Image Brochure. The German and Danish versions of the image brochures can be ordered. There are no English versions left.

Cycling in the Faroe Islands

Browse through our brochure about cycling in the Faroe Islands and find inspiration about where to bike. Seeing as this brochure is rather old, it is only available in PDF format. Notice also that some of the phone numbers and contact information in this brochure may be out of date and therefore incorrect. Contact the Regationl Information Centre in your region if you need further help and updated contact information.

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Click here to read the brochure online.
Click here to download our Cycling in the Faroe Islands brochure.

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