Fine dining in the Faroe Islands is not just a culinary journey; it is an exploration of nature's bounty, a celebration of tradition, and a testament to our unique and isolated corner of the world. It offers a wide variety of the freshest seafood to free-ranging sheep that roam the rugged hillsides creating a uniquely Faroese taste. 

The Faroe Islands have in recent years developed into a culinary hotspot in the North Atlantic and are a prime example of the growing enthusiasm for the distinct and extraordinary cuisine in the Nordics. Faroese gastronomy belongs to the international culinary scene, and many visitors are curious to taste and explore the unique preparations.

Seasonality plays a pivotal role in the Faroese culinary scene, with chefs adapting their menus to reflect the changing harvests and availability of local ingredients.

Local delicacies such as langoustine, salmon, and the iconic Faroese speciality, skerpikjøt (wind-dried mutton), take centre stage on upscale menus. Chefs skillfully blend contemporary culinary techniques with a deep respect for tradition, creating dishes that are sure to leave a memorable taste.

Visitors may savour dishes like pan-seared langoustine with foraged herbs, roasted lamb with root vegetables, or a taste of the freshest Atlantic cod paired with wild berries.

Pairing these delectable dishes with international fine wines and locally produced beverages, such as craft beers and aquavits, adds another layer of authenticity to the dining experience. The Faroe Islands' unique terroir and the pure, crisp air contribute to the distinct flavours.


The culinary scene in the Faroe Islands is no stranger to the Prestigious Michelin starts, having collected no less than two stars as well as two mentions in the Michelin Guide (2021, 2022 and 2023), it can be said that these tiny islands are truly ahead of the curve. 

Helmed by visionary chef Poul Andrias Ziska, Koks (2 stars) is renowned for its commitment to showcasing the island's natural ingredients in each meticulously crafted dish. The culinary philosophy of the latter as well as Roks and Ræst (Michelin Guide mentions) revolves around a deep respect for tradition, an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, and a creative reinterpretation of Faroese culinary heritage.
NB! Koks has currently relocated to Greenland, the return date is to be released in the coming year.