Welcome to a scene unlike any other - you have steeped onto a speck of land ruggedly cast in the North Atlantic in January of all months - you are now wondering “What is there to do?”. Here is what you can expect: The cleanest air lingering over a white-cast emerald isle, imbued with healing qualities. 


Wondering what to do in a place like the Faroe Islands in January? Well first things first, you can expect the weather to be the ruler of your plans and a far less crowded place than your average winter destination. Whether you're captivated by the dance of the Northern Lights or the warmth of Faroese culture, each moment in January becomes a treasure on these adrift islands. We recommend you take a look at our list below to get inspired.  

Northern Lights Chasing: The Faroe Islands can occasionally offer an excellent chance to witness the ethereal Northern Lights. Venture to darker, open areas away from city lights, and watch the night sky for dancing hues of green and violet.

Welcome to our ‘Heim’ (home): Embrace the warmth of Faroese hospitality in the local cafes, bars and even in a Faroese home. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or a steaming bowl of Faroese soup while immersing yourself in the welcoming atmosphere. Say ‘Hey’ to a local, perhaps they can advise on any cultural events or concerts that showcase the rich artistic tapestry of the islands.

Winter Jazz: Each January the smallest capital in the world is transformed with a rhythmic charm. This isn't just another music festival—it's an intimate celebration of culture, community, and connection unlike any other.
The Village of 24hrs Darkness: Visit, Tjørnuvík, a village untouched by the sun's rays during the winter darkness. Experience a tranquil midnight-esque walk on the beach.

Get Creative: Create something special for a loved one by attending a tiny jewellery class, or a pottery class in the heart of the capital. Seek out the local library, do some mindful yoga poses or do a painting class out in nature.  
Ice dipping: There is no better way to start the new year afresh than with a cool Atlantic dip at one of the many shores around the islands - Bøur, Gøta, Leynar or Tórshavn.
Go sledging: January is often a great time for sledging in the still and soft snow. So find your inner child and go hunting for the ideal lane. The local tourist information will have insider knowledge too. 


  1. Layers, layers & more layers: The weather can be changeable, so dress warmly in layers to stay comfortable as you explore the diverse landscapes and always check the weather before going.
  2. Local Cuisine: Indulge in Faroese cuisine, which includes hearty dishes like lamb, lanquistine or open-face Nordic sandwiches. Visit local restaurants to truly get a sense of these islands.
  3. Snap that golden shot: January's soft winter light and the contrast of snow against dark cliffs make the Faroe Islands a photographer's dream. We have about 5-6 hours of daylight and the scene can change from minute to minute.
  4. As you embrace the calmness in the wild that January offers, you'll discover a winter escape like no other. So get used to doing nothing much and loving it.


How is the weather in January? The Faroe Islands during this time are characterized by crisp winter air and average temperatures ranging from 0 to 6 degrees Celsius (32 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit). The winds may be brisk, and occasional rain or snow showers can add a touch of drama to the scenery. January only has around 6 hours of daylight with sunrise at 9.30 AM and sunset at 3.45 PM. 


Here you'll find a small selection of activities, places, cafés, paths and shops to see when visiting the Faroe Islands during January.