June in the Faroe Islands is a green & golden delight! With the longest days of the year, the islands are bathed in a magical glow that sets the stage for unforgettable adventures. Neither too hot nor cold, the perfect coolcation away from the warm temperatures on mainland Europe. Here's your guide to experiencing the charm of June:

Faroese people are helpful. Kids can have a free life here. You don’t have to plan everything… because of the weather, you can’t.”

A portrait of the Faroe Islands, a place called ‘home’ 
by Lauren Breedlove, Adventure.com


Wondering what to do in a place like the Faroe Islands in June? What to bring, how to prepare? Well first things first, with longer days and milder temperatures, the islands come alive with blooming flora and bustling wildlife. You might notice more folks roaming around but the vibe is perfect - still very much laid back. Here's an island guide on how to make the most of your visit during June. 

Seascape serenity: Set sail for your seascape in the Faroe Islands! Whether sailing, surfing, or kayaking, there's endless aquatic fun to be had in these azure waters. Chart your course, catch some waves, or explore hidden coves—all promising unforgettable experiences for water enthusiasts of all ages.
Skúvoy village: When you head to Sandoy, you will discover a true hidden gem, the island of Skúvoy (via ferry from Sandoy). Here you can roam the village on a guided tour, dine with locals (Heimablídni: ‘home hospitality’), or embark on a hiking route for some breathtaking views.

Take me to church: Arrive on any island in the Faroe Islands and you will undoubtedly see a church. With 62 churches scattered around 16 out of the 18 islands, each church holds its distinct design and interior related to a historic value. See our booklet on opening hours & visiting customs and step into the divine to discover the fascinating layers each has to offer.

Summartónar: Experience the vibrant melodies of Summartónar. Across the 18 enchanting islands, concerts come alive in unique settings—be it at sea, in a grotto, atop a mountainside, or nestled in a cozy venue or cabin. While some of these summer concerts are free of charge, others may request a nominal fee. Don't miss out on this opportunity for an authentic Faroese experience! 
Hiking galore: June is ideal for outdoor activities & hiking. Hike along scenic trails, and roam through some of the lesser-known but equally remarkable village paths. The possibilities for adventure are endless! See our hiking routes here


  1. Glory glory: With a football pitch in almost every village on the Faroe Islands you cannot avoid them. Attend a football match and feel the spirit of the most dedicated fans in the North!
  2. The Seal Woman: Head up north to the stunning village Mikladalur (on Kalsoy) and spend the day there, see the mythical Seal-woman statue, grab a coffee at the most scenic café at the edge of the world: Café Edge 
  3. Watch the sunset: With up to 20 hrs of sunlight in June (sunset at around 11.30 PM) we recommend heading out to Sornfelli or Velbastaður (both right outside of the capital) for a night stroll to catch the golden view. As the sky brights up in pink and purple, the surrounding nature melodies become simply hypnotizing. 


June brings mild temperatures ranging from 8 to 15 degrees Celsius (46 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit). Days are long, with the midnight sun casting an enchanting light over the rugged landscapes. It's the perfect time to explore without worrying about the chill of winter. In June the Faroe Islands has the longest period of daylight with up to 20hrs, with sunrise at around 3.30 AM and sunset at 11.30 PM.


Here you'll find a small selection (helpful links) of activities, places, cafés, paths and shops to see when visiting the Faroe Islands during June.