May in the Faroe Islands is simply beautiful! A delightful time to visit, as the art & cultural scene is bursting with exciting events. Locals roam the mountainside, poets get inspired, and musicians get ready to take centre stage - it is such a wonderful time right before the hectic summer season! 

May is a magical time in the Faroes! Every year, the islands are draped in a mystical, airy fog, which comes and goes depending on wind and weather. You never know if you are going to wake up in thick greyness or bright sunshine. Often, you can take a short drive and find the sun around the corner.


Wondering what to do in a place like the Faroe Islands in May? What to bring, how to prepare? Well first things first, pack light, bring your sunglasses and reusable water bottle - with some of the freshest water you can refill your water supply almost anywhere.

Atlantic Dipping
Taking a dip in the ocean around the Faroe Islands is like you're personal recharge button – the cool, crystal-clear waters of the North Atlantic give you a refreshing boost amidst the breathtaking beauty of these island shores. A great spot in the capital is at the end of the street "Kúrdalsvegur". 
Surfs Up: Head to the Surf-Shack in Tjørnuvík village and take up one-of-a-kind surf lessons in the North Atlantic by the coolest team! 
A Family Affair: May is a great time to bring the family over on a nice trip where the great outdoors is your playground, and believe it or not - the possibilities are endless (they won't include an amusement park). Spending time outdoors gives peace of mind and breathes new energy into the body and mind. 
Bike on suave roads: Rent a bike, with or without one of our experts (they bring jokes and unique road knowledge). Biking across the islands is ideal with our top-notch infrastructure (we really care about asphalt), plus you get a 360-degree angle of all the stunning views. Most villages will have a small shop or other offering a warm cup with something sweet. 

Old Hiking Trails: Find your path with our many hiking trails, tailored to suit various needs in terms of duration, difficulty and distance. A great way to find a perhaps lesser-known or popular but just as spectacular.


  1. Time Off: May is filled with public holidays (at least three), which means the Faroese are in an extra cheerful mood, various events, concerts and activities usually mark these days. Look up the regional information centres to get all the deeds, and you might catch glimpses of local parades and festivities. 
  2. Find the Sun: A most strange and remarkable thing about the small islands is that no matter the weather you are bound to find the sun somewhere on the islands! If it is foggy in Tórshavn you can be almost certain to find the sun in the West. You will find live streams at various spots on this site: Faroe Islands Live. 
  3. Local Farmers Market: On the first Sunday (sometimes on a Saturday, so check out their FB for up-to-date details) of each month the centre of Tórshavn “Vágsbotnur” is transformed into a vegetable and harvest haven. Depending on the season you can expect the tastiest carrots, salads, potatoes, and even homemade rhubarb jam made with love. Definitely worth a visit!
  4. Late Night Strolls: With up to 18 hrs of sunlight in May (sunset at around 10.30 PM) we recommend heading out for a night stroll to catch the sunset, the sky is beautifully golden and the surrounding bird chippers are simply hypnotizing and very relaxing.
  5. Get inked: The first & only Tattoo Convention in the Faroe Islands is held annually in May. Artists & ink lovers join in from all over the world to attend the weekend packed with incredible tattoos, live music, and unforgettable vibes. Whether you're a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or just curious— it's a space for all!


In May, the Faroe Islands experience a milder climate, with temperatures ranging from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius (41 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit). While occasional rain showers are common, the landscapes are bathed in a refreshing green, creating a stunning backdrop for your adventures. In May the Faroe Islands has the second-longest period of daylight with up to 18hrs, with sunrise at around 4.30 AM and sunset at 10.30 PM.  


Here you'll find a small selection (helpful links) of activities, places, cafés, paths and shops to see when visiting the Faroe Islands during May.