With an abundance of majestic routes to choose from, it is simply up to each individual where the first step starts. You’ll find that once you get off the beaten path on foot, the mountains and valleys will open up for you in marvellous and unexpected ways.

A short hike into the Faroese mountains affords numerous vantage points that overlook awe-inspiring peaks in one direction and the dishevelled surface of the ocean in another. One of the many special features of the Faroe Islands is that you don’t have to go far to experience magnificent and untouched nature. Look around you. Take a few steps. Take a deep breath and listen. It’s all right there! 


We have hiked all over the Faroe Islands, seeking the most beautiful trails and sightseeing spots. Each step you take while hiking, we have taken before you. Please be sure you are fully prepared by reading the hiking guide, which includes 23 hiking routes and important practical information.

The Faroe Islands feel like a haunting melody from another time, a myth whispered by the wind"

 Chloe Berge, Reader's Digest, 2022


Hiking is a great way to get outside, move your body, and explore new places. And it turns out it’s perfect for you, too. 
Hikers of any age or ability level can find a hike to provide them with an appropriate challenge.

Several have taken up hiking in recent years for some much-needed stress relief. Hiking helped many to cope with the uncertainty and instability caused by climate crises, global pandemics and international strife. Whether you’re an avid hiker or just beginning, chances are you have already experienced some of the benefits hiking offers. But just in case you’re new to hiking, coming back from a hiatus, or need a little inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the best tips & trails the Faroe Islands have to offer. Hopefully, these will give you some extra motivation to hit the trail.



  • Enjoy a fresh breeze of salt water blended with cool and lush moss on the rocks. 
  • THE VIEW: Rugged, sheer, harrowing; at every sight, a vast cliff or crooked spire can be seen rising out and falling out of the ocean.
  • Rich birdlife, dramatic seas, and rolling green hills as far as the eye can see.
  • Experience dusk and dawn, which then overlap in a hazy fog until it clears again. You will most likely catch both occurrences in a scant handful of hours. 
  • The landscape, albeit spectacular & ruling, is surprisingly also rather flexible - meaning no matter the skill, age, or form, one can always find a path suitable to one's needs & be equally stimulated.

Read or download the ‘Hiking in the Faroe Islands’ guide (in English) or download the older version of the hiking guide (in Danish or German).


Further, use our Hiking Routes page for inspiration for fully accessible hiking routes nationwide. The page lets you filter hikes according to location, difficulty, length, etc. Click the box below to see our hiking routes.

Having a local guide will enhance your experience by providing a deeper understanding of hiking in the Faroe Islands and sharing insightful stories from both present and historical local communities.

Below is a list of Faroese companies that can assist you in arranging tours:


While the benefits of hiking can be endless, if you are not prepared it may limit the full potential of said route. Thus we recommend you go through our list of necessities before embarking on your hike.  


Prepare to experience all four seasons in one day


  • Dress in layers (thermals and wool)
  • Good hiking boots
  • A warm jacket. Hat and gloves are recommended
  • Hiking trousers (preferably not jeans)
  • Wind- and waterproofs. Nylon clothing and rainwear is not recommended as it can be slippery
  • A fully charged phone, food, drink, sweet snack, and a map of the route (digital or bravely old-school)
  • Gloves or mittens are also a good idea


  • there are 340 mountain-peaks
  • there are 481 outfields
  • expect a “Hey" {Hello} and a head-nod, when you meet a fellow local hiker
  • is inhabited by 52.792 people
  • Records 845 sunny hours per year 
  • Have the first global subsea roundabout
  • City buses are free of charge 
  • Have a total of five traffic lights
  • Have unofficially the highest number of singer-songwriters per capita

Luckily for you, we in the Faroe Islands have a long-standing tradition of knitting & producing sustainable garments with local materials, therefore you can be sure to find an array of warm and colorful woolen pieces for your stay. Read more in the link below.


We have produced a ‘safe travel’ leaflet that provides important information about how to travel in the Faroe Islands. On the back page, you can fill out the information about where you plan to hike and when you expect to return. Leave the leaflet under your car's windshield or at your accommodation. That way, someone can notify relevant authorities should you not have returned by the time you have stated. The leaflet can be downloaded or picked up at regional information centres, car hires, on the Smyril Line ferry, and at Vágar Airport, among other places.



A few hiking routes in the Faroe Islands have implemented restrictions regarding access to the area and now require payment for walking in that location. Please check if the route you are planning on hiking requires you to book a local guide or to pay a fee. An overview of these locations can be found here.


Keep informed about seasonal farming and hunting activities by getting in touch with regional information centres.


Please note that the hare-hunting season runs annually from 2 Nov to 31 December. Most people choose to hunt hares on Saturdays, but it is their right to hunt all days except Sunday. Hunting takes place in the mountains all across the country.

For your own safety, we advise you not to hike during this season. In any case, contact the landowner if you wish to go hiking during these months. You should always stay informed about seasonal farming and hunting activities. These contacts can be found by getting in touch with the regional information centre in the respected area.