Walk the talk

Visit Faroe Islands is in the process of being certified with the Green Key GTO – Green Tourism Organization. This way we ensure our office and operations meet sustainable requirements and are audited by an external auditor biannually.


Inspire and support the tourism industry to become more sustainable

We will host and facilitate a sustainability networking group, that inspire, educate and share information and best practices and informal networking opportunity.


Our responsibility is to secure the framework for the industry, to enable the industry to operate in an as sustainable manner as possible and advance sustainable business practices on behalf of the industry.


We will help educate our industry, and support and guide local tourism and events suppliers to achieve international eco-certifications.


Responsible Tourism

We will monitor the impacts of increased tourism through regular sentiment analysis of the local residents. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to communicate to guests about how they travel responsibly within the islands, how they care for our nature and residents – this is particularly relevant in small remote places where guests are more visible than in the larger cities.


A Legislative Framework

We work with local and national government to secure policy and ambitious regulations for the benefit of the industry and environment in order to help make the tourism industry an economically sustainable industry, and for better management and development of the Faroe Islands as a sustainable destination.


Inspire our Guests to a Sustainable Event

When we bid for conferences and events we will always inspire the hosts to choose the most sustainable solutions.

Request for Proposals and sales related presentations should always include information about our brand Unordinary Meetings, our sustainable strategy, best practices, eco-certified venues and hotels, soft mobility and public transport, and advice and examples of how the event can help preserve the environment and support the local community.


Zero Emission Site Inspections

As an alternative to the typical onsite site inspection we have developed an advanced tool for Remote Site Inspections. We will always first offer delegates a zero emission Remote Site Inspection, where they get to visit venues, hotels and partners remotely, whilst still being able to interact as if they were present.


Exhibitions and Trade Shows

When exhibiting at trade shows our stands are made from re- or upcycled materials and our booths are either recycled for multiple events or upcycled for another purpose. 


We do not provide give-aways and we do not bring print-material.


Events that matter

The Municipality of Tórshavn, Visit Faroe Islands and Visit Tórshavn want to help and support all larger events in Tórshavn make a lasting impact on our city and residents.


In the Faroe Islands we have Unordinary Meetings. Meetings that have a lasting impact on your organisation, delegates and local community. As part of Unordinary Meetings, we also have staff available to support and guide you and your local host in how to include the city and its residents in the best and most impactful way.


The City of Tórshavn will grant extra funding for public and impactful initiatives as part of your event.


Better Data

We will constantly work to secure better data for our leisure and business tourism industry.


We need better data for:

  • guest nights devided between business and leisure tourists
  • spending per day devided between business and leisure tourists
  • impact of tourism on the local community


Annleyg Lamhauge

Meetings & Events Manager