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The Faroe Islands is a remote moss-covered archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean, thus this hidden gem is rare in its form. The Faroe Islands are known for wondrous mountains, spectacular wildlife, mystical natural surroundings, and a rich local community, which we strive to preserve for generations to come. 

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan, Author

It is our responsibility to preserve our fragile nature and strengthen our distinctive culture – Visit Faroe Islands, the tourism industry, and you, our guests. 

Tourism is not solely about numbers. It is also about adding non-material value to a society and its people. Ensuring that our country continues to develop as an interesting place to live.

The promise of being unspoiled, unexplored, and unbelievable is a challenging future task, which can only be kept when we join forces.