Read a short explanations on how to choose a suitable hike for you.

Easy (green)

Easy trails do not require specific hiking skills. They are suitable for all. Easy trails usually have good paths that are neither long (

Medium (blue)

Medium trails require basic knowledge about walking on uneven terrain. They require a reasonably good level of fitness and decent hiking equipment (such as good hiking shoes/boots).

Blue trails may include stretches that are steep and challenging to walk on. The trails are medium in length (

Challenging (red)

Challenging trails are for experienced hikers that have high energy levels and good fitness. These trails require proper hiking equipment.

The terrain can be challenging; steep terrain, stretches with stony ground, rivers to cross and other challenging stretches that may require one to climb, for example.

Challenging trails have no limits regarding height or length of trip.

Expert (black)

Expert trails are only suitable for very experienced hikers that possess good physical and mental ability to pass through potentially dangerous terrain. One must bring necessary hiking equipment and be able to use a map, compass, and technical amenities.

The terrain can be more challenging than on red trails and may include long stretches with challenging terrain that is steep. The distances are usually long.

Because black trails can be dangerous, we recommend that only experienced hikers walk these trails.

Expert trails have no limits regarding height or length of trip.